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Rhea day one

So the quest to find Thera starts today. I burned all my bridges behind me by waving my old corp goodbye. —————————————— So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish From: Shinya Shazih Sent: 2014.12.09 09:38 To: Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse … Continue reading

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Salvage Index

The Bene Gesserit buy all sorts of materials from her followers. Among them salvage. It’s not a very active department, but I manage to update and log the corp buying price once in a month or so. So while I … Continue reading

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Re: Fit of the Week: Blockade runners  What to say … don’t believe everything people tell you. In my humble opinion Ripard Teg forgot to mention a few points that are connected to flying a blockade runner, And he gives out some very nice elite tips … Continue reading

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Skilltraining Freighters

The Odyssee expansion brought some nice changes for the aspiring Space Road trucker. This results in a reduction in training time. Industrials All ship skill requirements reduced from 1-5 to 1. Racial Frigate skill requirement removed from the Industrial skill … Continue reading

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Eve Offline

So Eve is offline for me today while I wait for it to fix itself. The complaints thread on the eve-o forums speaks for itself. I chimed in my two cents. And it occurred to me that while I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Industry Report 1st quarter 2013

A report long due for the first quarter and a month of 2013. The Technocrats division has seen some changes in these first few months. The biggest of them being that we changed from building every capital ship that was … Continue reading

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NPC Damage types

tUsefull for trader industrialist and ratter alike. A cheerfull color coded reference chart. It seems the original site went offline, but thanks for making this!

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