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Rules for success

It has been quiet around here, been fairly busy ingame though. Seeking ways to make our industry programs more time efficient and activating people to take some roles. Being a director in my corp has taken quite some time away … Continue reading

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Little things

Can this be changed: to this: On behalf of the industry division, thanks ;-)

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2012 Industry Report

The Technocrats division of the Bene Gesserit Chapterhouse has seen an active 2012. It’s a bit early to start looking back as I only started logging division data in february. But New Year is as good a moment as any and … Continue reading

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Hidden Numbers

Every week I discover something fresh. Mynna wrote an article on The called: “Adressing the tritanium problem”. She’s writing a series of articles on how to improve and facilitate industry in null sec. The most eye opening thing for me … Continue reading

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Capital component ratio

In carrier production we recently changed our production proces. We now build batches of four carriers. The batch process has a few stages: Aqcuiring minerals, moving minerals, building components and finally the ship hulls. Instead of taking on orders from … Continue reading

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Moving up

Since september I moved up in the ranks of our corporation. It took some effort to get here, but I’ve been promoted to director of Industry or as our corporation likes to call it Mashiekh of Tleilax. Our corporation has … Continue reading

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Memorial EvE style

“In EVE, really big internet spaceships require another player to  set up a beacon so that they can jump between systems.    The symbolism of lighting a bunch of cynos is that they are  calling out to the pilot who … Continue reading

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