Rhea day one


So the quest to find Thera starts today.
I burned all my bridges behind me by waving my old corp goodbye.


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
From: Shinya Shazih
Sent: 2014.12.09 09:38
To: Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse

“I’d give you advice, but you wouldn’t listen. No one ever does.” – Marvin

After over three years and three months I have decided to leave the Bene Gesserit.

I would like to thank DarkAlexis, Omega Flames and ZunderCommander for their support and trust in the past.
It allowed me to explore area’s of the game I would never have entered on my own.
To the rest of the Bene Gesserit: thanks for hanging out and providing me with content.

I’ll move locations to Thera with Furtherance.
So sooner or later you’ll see me in local ;-)

Shinya Shazih


I decided I would not show to many grievances against leadership in BGC in my farewell post. Afterall they can’t help being who they are can they? The first reaction from leadership in BGC was to strip me from my roles. So I can now say goodbye to any industry jobs I had going still. Figures …. Anyway on to the goodstuff. I’m off exploring!

For this purpose I made a clone with scanning implants and fitted an Anathema for scanning as well. I decide to start in the Kor-Azor as this is a fresh region for me with plenty of low security area’s.

First WH i find get’s me from Kor-Azor Prime to J152801 a c2 pulsar with just one moon, occupied by Plutocratic Industries. It seems the locals are offline. I find 34 anomalies and 11 signatures.

I try to quickly go through all the sigs discarding the 3 Gas sites. It takes me half an hour though, as I want to resolve the data and relic sites as well.

One last signature keeps avoiding my probes. When I change the formation of the probes from pinpoint to spread I get a 13% result. Finally I have every sig resolved.

I decide to visit each wh connection to see what’s there. This brings me to Great Wildlands, a c3 and a … hey it’s gone again. The entrance collapsed while I was scanning I guess. Because I never saw any sign of life in the C2.

After running a (poor) relic site I decide to hopback to  Kor-AzorPrime after all it’s getting late. In there I quickly peek into the other wh connection in system. There is a c2 Magnetar that’s occupied by Nightsong Holdings according to the POCO’s

Time to rest in Kor-Azor.

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