Skilltraining Freighters

Sanctuary Pact Freighter Convoy

Sanctuary Pact Freighter Convoy

The Odyssee expansion brought some nice changes for the aspiring Space Road trucker. This results in a reduction in training time.

  • All ship skill requirements reduced from 1-5 to 1.
  • Racial Frigate skill requirement removed from the Industrial skill


  • Now requires Advanced Spaceship Command 5 instead of 1
  • Racial Industrial skill requirement reduced from 5 to 3

Skill path to train for a providence freighter before Odyssee:


30 days for one freighter, rounded up.


132 days for all 4 of them. But now after the Odysee expansionthis has been greatly reduced:

For one freighter the path only takes 36 days:



And for all four:


39 days?! Yes, there has been a reduction with 18 skills, among them the Racial industrial skills V and frigate skills. So while training for one freighter has been increased a little, cross training your characters has become easier now. For blockade runners however one still needs to have Racial Industrial V, which is inline with CCP’s policy to make T2 hulls take a more specialised role and a more expensive hull to fly.

Now your problably wondering about Jump Freighters as well. To add skills for one race it’s jump freighter after you can fly all T1 freighters your looking at 64 days, each one beyond that only takes 11.5 days. In 134 days one can train up a character for all Jump Freighters.

On a side note: training for a Blockade Runner takes 30 days, and all 4 of them 100 days.

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