Re: Fit of the Week: Blockade runners prowler

What to say … don’t believe everything people tell you.

In my humble opinion Ripard Teg forgot to mention a few points that are connected to flying a blockade runner, And he gives out some very nice elite tips as well. I liked the tip about a half way meeting point on a trade route for two different characters. I guess that makes sense once you get to have multiple accounts for trading. It’s what bothers me flying my freighter to Amarr with just one load and no return load. It’s not very efficient and this “halfway point” idea certainly is.

“There are only three acceptable mods for your low slots: Nanofiber Internal Structures, Expanded Cargoholds, and Warp Core Stabilizers.  If you are putting anything else in your low slots, you are making a terrible mistake.”

True I would say even anything other as Expanded cargohold II is a mistake. If you haven’t heard about the Micro Warpdrive – Cloak Trick, you should definately read up on it. This trick is mainly for T1 ships though. As your flying a blockade runner with a covert-ops cloak you should only be briefly visible on the overview. As you can warp while cloaked. So you hit Align, cloak up, warp. The align time “myth” was also analysed by the NoizyGamer, go read it if you want hard numbers.11489

Last Pro-tip what ever you fit try to put some Giant Secure Containers in your cargo hold, it increases your hold with 900 m3 each. Which is nothing to sniff at when your picking up your P4 planetary interaction loot.

Edit (15/6 23:00): I guess this summarizes all the comments on that blog post. Which I didn’t read until just now :)

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