Industry Report 1st quarter 2013


A Heighliner is truly big. Its hold will tuck all our frigates and transports into a little corner — we’ll be just a small part of the ship’s manifest. – Duke Leto Atreides

A report long due for the first quarter and a month of 2013. The Technocrats division has seen some changes in these first few months. The biggest of them being that we changed from building every capital ship that was requested to just freighters. This project change was dubbed the Heighliner Construction Project. (After the immense spaceships from the Dune lore). It enables us to build more with a fewer kinds of blueprints and from high security space. As all the hauling of minerals seemed to be dependant on me organising fleets and freighters. It was a logical and efficient choice to make. The project change involved selling and aquiring some BPO’s. We currently own the Obelisk and the Orca and I’m confident we will have access to all Freighter BPO’s in a few months.

Contributing to our overall balance was also the change in our ship buy program. Previously people were only allowed to order 5 ships at a time and for personal use only as we were selling them at cost price. I decided to throw that out of the window to generate more cash flow. You can see that change most apperantly in march. Where we sold triple the amount of hulls compared to the previous months.

Activity in the mining division was quite high in the first quarter of 2013. Our miners mined for over 10 bil ISK in minerals and ice products each month. April was looking positive on our balance right up until the last weekend when our miners decided collectively they would sell of their acuired stock while prices were still high. Mineral prices seem to drop after fanfest with ice products going up. Looks like everyone is changing their stock by dumping minerals and buying up isotopes. Can’t wait to see how this goes after the changes in Odyssee take effect.

reportfirstquarterOverall we seem to be running in the green. Let’s try and keep this up :)

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