Rules for success


It has been quiet around here, been fairly busy ingame though. Seeking ways to make our industry programs more time efficient and activating people to take some roles. Being a director in my corp has taken quite some time away from actually playing the game and shooting things. The main pitfall being that I was doing most of the hauling and trading. Even so much that I had totally missed that the targeting icon had changed. Only to discover it was now round, as early as the end of february :)

I was ratting in Providence and while I was looking at all the pretty icons and such I managed to get blown up, twice! Thinking I could reship immediately I looked at the market and I was quickly disappointed. Man, things are expensive out there. Even high end minerals like Zydrine and Megacyte are way above the average of Jita and Amarr. I was under the assumption that people in null sec mined ABC ores… apperantly not enough. Anyway, I decided to leave the ratting for a bit and go back to trading again. I ordered some T2 modules from my regular supplyer. Mostly damage support modules like tracking enhancers and ballistic control systems. It will take awhile  for those items to sell though, as the market is much slower out in null sec where only allies can dock and purchase.

Image credits: Be an Entrepeneur

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