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Eve Offline

So Eve is offline for me today while I wait for it to fix itself. The complaints thread on the eve-o forums speaks for itself. I chimed in my two cents. And it occurred to me that while I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Industry Report 1st quarter 2013

A report long due for the first quarter and a month of 2013. The Technocrats division has seen some changes in these first few months. The biggest of them being that we changed from building every capital ship that was … Continue reading

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NPC Damage types

tUsefull for trader industrialist and ratter alike. A cheerfull color coded reference chart. It seems the original site went offline, but thanks for making this!

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Rules for success

It has been quiet around here, been fairly busy ingame though. Seeking ways to make our industry programs more time efficient and activating people to take some roles. Being a director in my corp has taken quite some time away … Continue reading

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