2012 Industry Report

Spacing Guild Convoy

Spacing Guild Convoy

The Technocrats division of the Bene Gesserit Chapterhouse has seen an active 2012. It’s a bit early to start looking back as I only started logging division data in february. But New Year is as good a moment as any and I would like to give a heads up to all the people that have been involved or just starting out in our division.

The Technocrats main function in the past year was cycling ISK around. We provide an easy way for our members to sell of their loot in any basic form,  PI,  minerals or salvage.

After that we made either POS fuel or T1 ships out of it.

But on to the numbers:

O, no! that’s red numbers. Don’t worry we are doing perfectly fine. The main reason the numbers show this way is due to the tools we use. It does not account for items being sold on the open market. That is because our production tool is based on our mineral by price from our corporation members. What also isn’t mentioned is that we build 29 capital ships from Orca’s and Rorquals to Carriers. Totalling our T1 construction at 776 ship hulls.

Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot of the ingame wallets  last year, but from memory I can tell you we own about the same amount of  ISK, And on top of that we invested in all sorts of things and we ran POS’s through out the year. So Technocrats is running on a profit.

For 2013 we will expand our business of building fitted ships. We already made some fitted drakes and are working on a fitted Revelation. In these projects the hull get’s made by the corporation and most of the fitting will be bought from, and provided by the corporation members personally. Hopefully this will guide people in building stuff that’s actually usefull to build for the (local) market.

The reason I take this project approach is that it will create nice round batches of content. It will be easier to manage as setting up a whole line of T2 production with the resulting accounting spreadsheets. Which is frankly way to much hassle to set up. But that will be the topic of the next blog post: Spreadsheet Fu.

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