Capital component ratio

In carrier production we recently changed our production proces. We now build batches of four carriers. The batch process has a few stages: Aqcuiring minerals, moving minerals, building components and finally the ship hulls. Instead of taking on orders from our pilots, when ever they feel like getting a new capital vessel. This batch production eliminates the problem of having to allocate and transport minerals for each  hull apart. And it creates a new one. There is a bottle neck in the process! Where we have to build more Capital drone bays as any other component. Our carrier BPO’s require the following:

Now how many  Capital drone bay BPO’s does one need? Blake over at k162 wrote an excellent piece recently about this and I figured I should apply his research to my situation. Where Blake makes his batches build within the week I figured two weeks would be enough for my corporation. Most carrier BPO’s build in under two weeks, so that would nice analogy.

So there it is, 12 days to build all components with some room for delays. And some down time to make component copies for the odd orca and personal projects.

Ofcourse one could go more hardcore into Capital production,  and turn over lot’s more minerals and ISK. But for now that’s not the aim of our corporation or this project for that matter.

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