Moving up

Since september I moved up in the ranks of our corporation. It took some effort to get here, but I’ve been promoted to director of Industry or as our corporation likes to call it Mashiekh of Tleilax. Our corporation has branded it self after parts of the Dune universe, but you probably already guessed that.

It’s quite a task to try and reorganize and activate some 15 care bears with a real life. But so far we are making good progress.

My first test to see if everyone was willing to put some time in was to set them on improving our BPO collection. For the first time since I got to the corporation I could not find a free lab on our POS’s. 

Our capital program is starting to flesh out. I adopted a batch type of approach, and my hope is we get less downtime on our BPO’s and eventually can buy some new ones. The idea here is that we collect all minerals at once and then build all the parts at once. The first batch with the Rorqual and the Thanatos took us a week to build all the parts with two builders. This was mainly due to making 56 Capital Dronebay’s with one BPO. Fortunately we found another one catching dust in a container in the Directors Hangar. So we are researching that one now.

I’ve been looking at buying our last missing BPO Capital Shield Emitter, as we have been buying BPC’s to build those parts. Not sure if it’s worth the ISK to buy one really. A 5 run BPC cost around 3 mil ISK. On average  I spend like 5 mil per hull on it. Would have to build over 200 hulls to spend the 1.176 bil the BPO will cost us.

Having the BPO will relieve us from searching for BPC’s  15 odd jumps away though. But that’s a consideration for next month when I hope to have some more cash on hand to invest with.

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