Capital progress

The capital program is popular this last month. Initially I experienced soms trouble getting a customer for a Rorqual I had build. But after two people pulling out, I finally got an in corp request. I managed to forget to check the skill requirement on the bpc but with the help of a veteran corpmate it is finally in the oven.

After this we got a quick succession orders for a Chimera and a Thanatos. So I’ve been busy collecting minerals and getting them into our build system. Thankfully we have some people with a Jump freighter as I could never have done it alone. They were mocking me a bit that it was only a 6 ly jump. But agreed that avoiding the gatecamps would be priceless.

The only bottleneck that remains is people claiming the component blueprints to copy them for themselves. To copy a Capital Component BPO 5 times with 5 runs takes two weeks…

So I had to spend some time convincing people to prioritize to building from the BPO’s and waiting with copying them. And now I just keep the BPO’s all busy manufacturing when I have the chance.

The thing that surprised me this last month? We own a Thanatos BPO… can’t find how we got it on our BPO inventory database or forums, but we have it.

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