Achievement unlocked


Finally after much hassle and getting people to do some JF hauling for me, the Archon is in production. This one is for a corp mate and will not make us any profit. As we sell hulls for Jita Price x 90% + BPC cost. With the BPC being 50 million or more.

The good thing is I enquired in our alliance if people were willing to seed the building system with some modules to fit on the carriers we will be building and I got some decent responses. Although only from the usual suspects. Maybe I should give it somemore time.

In other news we got a enquiry about a price quote for a Rorqual from someone outside our alliance. So I started negotiating a price aiming high at 90% market value. After all we are using their null-sec system to mine minerals. And we aint even paying rent.

Maybe word is spreading the caps program has been reanimated. As a former corp mate, who’s now in a mercenary alliance also expressed interest in buying carriers.

Aquiring enough minerals for a decent price remains hard for me.  Some how I am always short on pyerite.

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