Finally Big Boats

It’s been a while, but I just wanted to jot something down about what I’ve been doing recently. I find it’s hard to stay focused during my limited playtime. As I have to divide my time between updating my PI planets to make some Organic Mortar Applicators, aquiring minerals for our corp T1 program, building the hulls and generally hauling stuff around.

But I managed to get my Viator blown up! Lesson learned: make sure your docked when warping through low-sec, before talking to the wife.

After that incident I decided I had to work some more on my private game play goals aka earning ISK. So I’ve been doing lvl 2’s for the Emperor Family. wich is going slow. I started exploring the Domain market for stuff to trade in, but did not get past meddling a bit with tritanium and some meta 3 mods.

In between that I’ve been pushing our industry director to get me on the Capital building team. It’s hard communicating with her as she’s on the otherside of the world / galaxy (US / c5) but she aknowledged I could be an asset en gave me permission to look into it.I still need to get the spreadsheet access though.

Currently we have open orders for an Orca and an Archon since the beginning of april. So the first thing I did was buying two BPC’s for the hulls and start on building the Orca parts. Which was a mistake as I started it in low-sec … After a few day’s I noticed someone else in corp was copying some of the BPO’s I needed. So I started looking at our assets in earnest.

click to enlarge

Now I’ve been reading a lot on Capital building especially Eve-Fail has some really good guides on this. To say the least I was a bit disappointed in the work that had been put into this collection. Here is ~20 bil gathering dust … that’s like 40 times my wallet :D

So the current goal is researching the parts BPO’s to ME 100, then copying them to build the Orca. And do the Archon after that. A corp mate with a JF managed to jump in some minerals from our null-office into our low-sec building system. But I’ve eaten them all already.

That’s actually a big problem. We have no issues with getting minerals mined apart from pyerite. It seems no one wants to mine it. [[ Note to self: put a bounty on it. Maybe make an alliance contest out of it? Kill Ten Rats Asteroids ;-) ]]

Fly it like you build it o/

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