Hulkageddon and Technetium pt. 2

With the official Hulkageddon finished I thought I would post some more about it’s implications and its results.

Three weeks ago I wrote about the number of Hulks traded in the Domain Region. For this weeks episode I took an alt to Jita, to take some market screenshots. First the number of traded Hulks and their price:

So what’s to been seen here? Obviously the price has dropped a bit to 250 mil ISK. A low average of 150 Hulks are traded each day. So that’s 150 x 3 months x 30 days = 13500 Hulks exchanged hands. This is not the actual production ofcourse. That would be a usefull number I would love to hear from CCP_Diagoras :)

Back to the Hulk market picture, you see the amount of Hulks being traded rise when Hulkageddon is announced. And then the price drop as manufacturers try to sell their stock which they made for the event.

According to Jester, who took the oppertunity to calculate how much Technetium goes into a hulk. It takes approximately 588 technetium to produce and that’s about 70% of the value in raw materials excluding the invention process. Now for the good news hulks are getting cheaper! When Jester made his calculation tech was at 200k and last wednesday it had dropped to 170k (in Jita).

That is 588 x 170k = 99.9 mil ISK in technetium, instead of the 118 mil from april.

I’ll summarize the rest of the material chain, in the last three months platinum drops from 4500 to 3000 / unit, platinum technite hovers around 100k / unit, Nanotransistors seem to be dropping as well.

So where is this OTEC cartel in all of this? … They are busy fielding massive fleet ops to protect ‘their’ moons. Keeping their minions busy.

And apparently Goonswarm will be sponsoring more hulk ganks. And I truly love this aspect of Eve. Goonswarm made their own equivalent of “kill ten rats”, and they will keep paying people 100 million ISK to kill 10 exhumers for the time being. Goonswarm Federation: Sponsoring Emergent Gameplay!

So for future plans I could have:

– Inventing Hulks and selling them

– Ganking hulks and getting paid to do it

Double win!

Of course I’m already selling mining lasers and such, it has been a good month :)

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