Over Comitted

It seems I bought a bit too much for reselling. This has been the state of my market orders for a week now. My wallet is down to 200 million. So technically I have 1.4 Bil ISK, but it’s a bit tied up.

There’s not a lot of movement in the items that I make and sell, and our region seems deserted around my play hours. Travelling through an empty system is not rare.

So I’ll have to update my market orders, or maybe ship my merchandise to a system that sees a bit more traffic.

I think I’ll go with updating prices first, which I’ve been reluctant to do. When ever I login there are always more pressing matters. Building request ships for our alliance for instance, or accepting mineral contracts to our corp. And the google doc book keeping that comes with it. The google docs are a lot of hassle but I learned a lot in the past few month since I’ve been in charge of the T1 hull production for our corp. I evenmanaged to make a sheet that ties the financial data together. The CEO was pretty happy when I told him that it seems our numbers were adding up. The Inferno inventory told me we had 5 Bil ISK in minerals in our hangar and the sheet told me roughly the same.

So as soon as I get the guys from capital production motivated to finish their orders we will have some cash on our hands. They currently have orders for two Rorquals,  an Archon and an Orca. But I got the nagging feeling they are not that motived with the Industry director out in the c5

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