Hulkageddon V


So here it is, our corp has been wardecced AND hulkageddon is in progress.  My first impression after reading around the blogsphere was that a lot of people were excited about starting the gankfest.  Most of them in pirate corporations of course. And good for them, the prizes are not to be sneered at.

the Mittani wrote about his evil plan to sponsor Hulkageddon and Burning Jita, all in his master scheme to  sell some more technetium. As T2 mining vessels (hulks and mackinaws) depend on that expensive building block.

IMHO he’s missing two points though:

First of all looking at the Domain region, I see an average of 40 – 50 hulks exchange hands each day in the past six months.


So 6 x 30 days x 40 = 7200 that’s a lot of Hulks to eat through and it’s just from one region. As of this writing Hulkageddon is at 1479 exhumer / orca kills….

Secondly:  If it is the case that T2 will become a bit more expensive, that will only last untill it’s better to use meta 4, officer mods or T1 and T3 boats.  Battleship mining anyone?

Thirdly:  Don’t tell anyone … but my market escapade on hulks backfired on me … the price for hulks dropped like 30mil ISK in the past week…

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