Future plans

I decided to write down some of my plans for Eve Online. Just so I can reflect back and see what did, and what didn’t make it. I suspect some of it will stay daydreaming with my limited playtime though :) So here goes in no particular order.

Build my main into a top industrialist.  Already well on the way. Currently I have perfect reprocessing skills and standing for one NPC corporation. I can build everything and Capital building will be next.

Build my main into a trading character. Already have all trading skills for remote buying and selling up to 5 jumps away. Need to work on standings for at least Amarr Family so I can trade efficiently there.

Get my main into a Director role with my current corp. Already one level below that it seems. I just have to keep pushing for smarter solutions to the problems we are encountering and make myself more valuable. But more on that in future posts. Obelisk img

Finish training for an Obelisk so I don’t have to beg around anymore for moving massive amounts of minerals around.

Set up a personal corporation on an alt char with an IPO . Goal is to buy capital BPO’s to research, copy or build from. Mainly for my main corporation and partly for myself.

Setup the google docs to support the capital building.

Refresh my PI alt, this will prolly not happy very Soon ™

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