NPC Damage types

NPC Damage type cheat sheet.

This is the only post that people search for and find here. It deserves a place on the frontpage. Fly safe o7

tUsefull for trader industrialist and ratter alike. A cheerfull color coded reference chart. It seems the original site went offline, but thanks for making this!

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Plex For Good Ukraine

Donate Plex to help UHNCR and refugees

So CCP the company behind Eve Online started a fundraiser for refugees. All donations will be doubled by CCP to a maximum of $250.000. Will the players be able to raise $500k together?

How does this work?

Since a few years it’s easy to login without subscribing, this is called an Alpha account. Your skills will be limited, but the game is playable. Also, you can turn your ISK into Plex (Pilot licence extension) with these you can buy game time and social items ingame. For this fundraiser players can donate those Plex items to the Plex for Good charity.

Follow the link above for instructions.

500 Plex is currently 20,- my goal is to convert most of my assets to ISK and then into 5000 Plex to donate roughly 200,- before Tuesday 22 March 2022

At the moment the ISK value of a single Plex is around 3 million.

Have you played Eve in the past and you don’t have enough Plex to donate?

Contract them to Sunat Zero in game.

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Rhea day one


So the quest to find Thera starts today.
I burned all my bridges behind me by waving my old corp goodbye.


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
From: Shinya Shazih
Sent: 2014.12.09 09:38
To: Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse

“I’d give you advice, but you wouldn’t listen. No one ever does.” – Marvin

After over three years and three months I have decided to leave the Bene Gesserit.

I would like to thank DarkAlexis, Omega Flames and ZunderCommander for their support and trust in the past.
It allowed me to explore area’s of the game I would never have entered on my own.
To the rest of the Bene Gesserit: thanks for hanging out and providing me with content.

I’ll move locations to Thera with Furtherance.
So sooner or later you’ll see me in local ;-)

Shinya Shazih


I decided I would not show to many grievances against leadership in BGC in my farewell post. Afterall they can’t help being who they are can they? The first reaction from leadership in BGC was to strip me from my roles. So I can now say goodbye to any industry jobs I had going still. Figures …. Anyway on to the goodstuff. I’m off exploring!

For this purpose I made a clone with scanning implants and fitted an Anathema for scanning as well. I decide to start in the Kor-Azor as this is a fresh region for me with plenty of low security area’s.

First WH i find get’s me from Kor-Azor Prime to J152801 a c2 pulsar with just one moon, occupied by Plutocratic Industries. It seems the locals are offline. I find 34 anomalies and 11 signatures.

I try to quickly go through all the sigs discarding the 3 Gas sites. It takes me half an hour though, as I want to resolve the data and relic sites as well.

One last signature keeps avoiding my probes. When I change the formation of the probes from pinpoint to spread I get a 13% result. Finally I have every sig resolved.

I decide to visit each wh connection to see what’s there. This brings me to Great Wildlands, a c3 and a … hey it’s gone again. The entrance collapsed while I was scanning I guess. Because I never saw any sign of life in the C2.

After running a (poor) relic site I decide to hopback to  Kor-AzorPrime after all it’s getting late. In there I quickly peek into the other wh connection in system. There is a c2 Magnetar that’s occupied by Nightsong Holdings according to the POCO’s

Time to rest in Kor-Azor.

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Salvage Index

ImageThe Bene Gesserit buy all sorts of materials from her followers. Among them salvage. It’s not a very active department, but I manage to update and log the corp buying price once in a month or so. So while I don’t have many data points. keeping records for two years shows a picture :) 

FULL Graph Salvage Index 2011 – 2013 


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Re: Fit of the Week: Blockade runners prowler

What to say … don’t believe everything people tell you.

In my humble opinion Ripard Teg forgot to mention a few points that are connected to flying a blockade runner, And he gives out some very nice elite tips as well. I liked the tip about a half way meeting point on a trade route for two different characters. I guess that makes sense once you get to have multiple accounts for trading. It’s what bothers me flying my freighter to Amarr with just one load and no return load. It’s not very efficient and this “halfway point” idea certainly is.

“There are only three acceptable mods for your low slots: Nanofiber Internal Structures, Expanded Cargoholds, and Warp Core Stabilizers.  If you are putting anything else in your low slots, you are making a terrible mistake.”

True I would say even anything other as Expanded cargohold II is a mistake. If you haven’t heard about the Micro Warpdrive – Cloak Trick, you should definately read up on it. This trick is mainly for T1 ships though. As your flying a blockade runner with a covert-ops cloak you should only be briefly visible on the overview. As you can warp while cloaked. So you hit Align, cloak up, warp. The align time “myth” was also analysed by the NoizyGamer, go read it if you want hard numbers.11489

Last Pro-tip what ever you fit try to put some Giant Secure Containers in your cargo hold, it increases your hold with 900 m3 each. Which is nothing to sniff at when your picking up your P4 planetary interaction loot.

Edit (15/6 23:00): I guess this summarizes all the comments on that blog post. Which I didn’t read until just now :)

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Skilltraining Freighters

Sanctuary Pact Freighter Convoy

Sanctuary Pact Freighter Convoy

The Odyssee expansion brought some nice changes for the aspiring Space Road trucker. This results in a reduction in training time.

  • All ship skill requirements reduced from 1-5 to 1.
  • Racial Frigate skill requirement removed from the Industrial skill


  • Now requires Advanced Spaceship Command 5 instead of 1
  • Racial Industrial skill requirement reduced from 5 to 3

Skill path to train for a providence freighter before Odyssee:


30 days for one freighter, rounded up.


132 days for all 4 of them. But now after the Odysee expansionthis has been greatly reduced:

For one freighter the path only takes 36 days:



And for all four:


39 days?! Yes, there has been a reduction with 18 skills, among them the Racial industrial skills V and frigate skills. So while training for one freighter has been increased a little, cross training your characters has become easier now. For blockade runners however one still needs to have Racial Industrial V, which is inline with CCP’s policy to make T2 hulls take a more specialised role and a more expensive hull to fly.

Now your problably wondering about Jump Freighters as well. To add skills for one race it’s jump freighter after you can fly all T1 freighters your looking at 64 days, each one beyond that only takes 11.5 days. In 134 days one can train up a character for all Jump Freighters.

On a side note: training for a Blockade Runner takes 30 days, and all 4 of them 100 days.

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Eve Offline


So Eve is offline for me today while I wait for it to fix itself. The complaints thread on the eve-o forums speaks for itself. I chimed in my two cents.

And it occurred to me that while I wasn’t able to play eve I could check out other games. Jesters Trek lists some upcomming MMO’s in his side bar, and Dark Fall: Unholy Wars is out of beta. So while checking out it’s screenshots I suddenly occurred to me why I had abandoned the fantasy genre.

Darkfall Unholy Wars combines real-time action and strategy in a fantasy setting and pushes the envelope of Massive Multiplayer Games by featuring the largest seamless and zone-less world of its kind, able to host upwards of ten thousand concurrent users per world.”

Running over vast area’s of empty land…

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Industry Report 1st quarter 2013


A Heighliner is truly big. Its hold will tuck all our frigates and transports into a little corner — we’ll be just a small part of the ship’s manifest. – Duke Leto Atreides

A report long due for the first quarter and a month of 2013. The Technocrats division has seen some changes in these first few months. The biggest of them being that we changed from building every capital ship that was requested to just freighters. This project change was dubbed the Heighliner Construction Project. (After the immense spaceships from the Dune lore). It enables us to build more with a fewer kinds of blueprints and from high security space. As all the hauling of minerals seemed to be dependant on me organising fleets and freighters. It was a logical and efficient choice to make. The project change involved selling and aquiring some BPO’s. We currently own the Obelisk and the Orca and I’m confident we will have access to all Freighter BPO’s in a few months.

Contributing to our overall balance was also the change in our ship buy program. Previously people were only allowed to order 5 ships at a time and for personal use only as we were selling them at cost price. I decided to throw that out of the window to generate more cash flow. You can see that change most apperantly in march. Where we sold triple the amount of hulls compared to the previous months.

Activity in the mining division was quite high in the first quarter of 2013. Our miners mined for over 10 bil ISK in minerals and ice products each month. April was looking positive on our balance right up until the last weekend when our miners decided collectively they would sell of their acuired stock while prices were still high. Mineral prices seem to drop after fanfest with ice products going up. Looks like everyone is changing their stock by dumping minerals and buying up isotopes. Can’t wait to see how this goes after the changes in Odyssee take effect.

reportfirstquarterOverall we seem to be running in the green. Let’s try and keep this up :)

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NPC Damage types

damagetUsefull for trader industrialist and ratter alike. A cheerfull color coded reference chart. It seems the original site went offline, but thanks for making this!

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Rules for success


It has been quiet around here, been fairly busy ingame though. Seeking ways to make our industry programs more time efficient and activating people to take some roles. Being a director in my corp has taken quite some time away from actually playing the game and shooting things. The main pitfall being that I was doing most of the hauling and trading. Even so much that I had totally missed that the targeting icon had changed. Only to discover it was now round, as early as the end of february :)

I was ratting in Providence and while I was looking at all the pretty icons and such I managed to get blown up, twice! Thinking I could reship immediately I looked at the market and I was quickly disappointed. Man, things are expensive out there. Even high end minerals like Zydrine and Megacyte are way above the average of Jita and Amarr. I was under the assumption that people in null sec mined ABC ores… apperantly not enough. Anyway, I decided to leave the ratting for a bit and go back to trading again. I ordered some T2 modules from my regular supplyer. Mostly damage support modules like tracking enhancers and ballistic control systems. It will take awhile  for those items to sell though, as the market is much slower out in null sec where only allies can dock and purchase.

Image credits: Be an Entrepeneur

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